Today, over 75% of all mortgages are organised through a mortgage broker, and this number continues to rise. My clients tell me they have chosen to use my services for a wide range of reasons including:


I have over ten years’ experience in advising and arranging mortgages and I will personally deal with your application from start to finish.

Personal service

I will meet with you to discuss your requirements and you will have my direct line so you can contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns. There are no multiple choice telephone menus to negotiate!


I have been registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) since October 2009. The FCA enforced stringent new rules and regulations following the financial crisis of 2007-2008 and many brokers were disqualified. Mortgages are ‘serious finance’.


I have access to over 3,000 mortgage products from across the market and i’m able to identify the best fit for your specific requirements and circumstances. Many banks and building societies are only able to offer a limited range of products. Today most banks and building societies deal through mortgage brokers.


I know what the mortgage application process is like for each lender. I understand the specific background criteria each lender is looking for; which lenders process applications more quickly; how to exert influence when needed.


I provide you with a ‘key facts illustration’ for each mortgage I recommend. I also complete and submit all the paperwork to the lender on your behalf.


Since the FCA Mortgage Market Review and associated regulations came into force in April 2014, qualifying for a mortgage has become harder. Mortgage brokers are required by law to ask you far more detailed questions about your financial affairs to be sure you can afford your repayments. I am proud of my track record in finding mortgages for borrowers whose financial situation is ‘challenging’. For example, you and/or your partner may be self-employed and have ‘erratic’ earnings,


Choosing the wrong mortgage can, literally, cost you thousands. Furthermore, some mortgages come with additional fees and charges which can catch you out. I save you money. As a registered broker I have a duty of care towards my clients and I have to clearly justify why the mortgage I have selected is right for you.


Depending on the urgency of your mortgage requirements I am often able to meet up within 48 hours of being contacted. I am dealing with lenders every day. Consequently I am able to chase up queries more effectively.


I make the mortgage process simple and straightforward. Contrary to popular belief, mortgages are more complex than they might first appear: rate, term, lender, features, insurance and so on.


Call me today on 07775 874126. It’s probably the only mortgage call you’ll need to make.

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